District 5 Police Changes October 2017

The District 5 Police station is currently located at 5837 Hamilton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45224.

If you need to contact the police you can, of course, call 911.
If not an emergency call 765-1212.
Telephone Crime Reporting Unit (TCRU) 352-2960. 
Or contact the officers below.

Neighborhood Liaison Officers:

Officer John Boyle
Camp Washington and Winton Hills

Officer Melissa Cummins
Northside and Spring Grove Village

Officer Jason Pechiney
College Hill and Mt. Airy

Captain Fink
District Five Commander

Sergeant Denica Gilmer, District 5

City Curfew Ordinances

Do You Know Where Your Children Are At Night?

Cincinnati Police Reminds Parents of City Curfew Ordinances

Cincinnati Police reminds parents of teen curfew ordinances for teens under the age of 18 to help keep Cincinnati youth safe.

For teens under the age of 16, it is a violation of the curfew ordinance to be in a public place after 10 p.m., and for teens ages 16 or 17, it is a violation to be in a public place after 12 a.m. without a parent or guardian.  Additionally, a parent or guardian may be cited for the teen’s curfew violation.

Juveniles found in violation of the ordinance may be detained and cited for a curfew violation. 

Preventing Fraud

Monitor you Financial Accounts and Billing Statements and inspect your Credit Report.

Equifax 866-349-5191

Experian 888-397-3742

TransUnion 877-322-8228


Call 877-322-8228


Cincinnati—The Cincinnati Health Department’s (CHD) Vital Records Office has made it easier and more convenient for Cincinnati residents to obtain certified birth and death certificates. CHD, in partnership with AdComp Systems, is the first in the state of Ohio to offer self-service kiosks for citizens to order their records independently.

Adopting new technologies, such as the kiosks, can provide better services to residents and reduce operating costs,” said Tunu Kinebrew, Director of the Cincinnati Vital Records Office. The kiosks are also bilingual for Spanish, a feature that will enhance services to the Hispanic community.

Three new Kiosks are now in operation at the Mt. Healthy WIC Office (10950 Hamilton Avenue), UC Medical Center (234 Goodman Street) and Braxton Cann Health Center (5818 Madison Road), in addition to the existing location at the main Vital Records Office (1525 Elm Street). 

The process to order a certified copy of a birth or death certificate is simple; Enter, Pay, Go!  Simply enter your information on the touch screen, pay for your certified birth or death certificate, and go. Your certificate will be mailed to you if a staff member is not present for same day service.  

Payment methods accepted for kiosk orders: cash; or credit card (American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®). A service fee is applied to credit card orders for processing. 

 On-site demonstrations of the kiosks will be available. To schedule a demo, contact Tunu Kinebrew at 513-352-2914.

For more information about obtaining a certified birth or death certificate from the Cincinnati Health Department Vital Records office, call 513-352-3120, or visit