District 5 Police Changes October 2017

The District 5 Police station on Ludlow Ave. is now closed to the public. There are no desk officers present at the station. All administrative officers have been moved to the Police Academy facility at 800 Evans Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45204. Patrol officers are currently using the District 5 building, but there is no public access. They too are looking to move soon.

If you need to contact the police you can, of course, call 911.
If not an emergency call 765-1212.
Telephone Crime Reporting Unit (TCRU) 352-2960. 
Or contact the officers below.

Neighborhood Liaison Officers:

Officer John Boyle
Camp Washington and Winton Hills

Officer Melissa Cummins
Northside and Spring Grove Village

Officer Nicholas Hageman
Clifton and Clifton Heights/Fairview/University Heights (CUF)

Officer Jason Pechiney
College Hill and Mt. Airy

Sergeant Jason Voelkerding
Neighborhood Liaison Unit Supervisor

Captain Bridget Bardua
District Five Commander