Civic Club

Mt. Airy Civic Club was established 100 years ago in 1913. There were probably little more than 250 people living within the area we now regard as Mt. Airy. In 1911, two years previous, Mt. Airy was annexed to Cincinnati. The population at that time was estimated at 200 and the total property valuation was $200,000.

In the beginning, Mt. Airy was generous assortment of rural and urban life. There were a few large and handsome houses, some of them are still standing, a number of modest dwelling and a short walk in almost any direction would bring you to a pasture likely tended by a few cows and several head of sheep. Having no pubic transportation service, Mt. Airy hardly grew, it just sort of stood still. Mt. Healthy, a neighbor community, was a metropolis in 1911 compared to the wide open spaces of Mt. Airy.

The Civic Club started with 50 members, probably 80 percent of the total male population of Mt. Airy at that time. The meetings were held in the old Mt. Airy School and Village hall ( a landmark that was at the corner of Colerain and Kirby Avenue).

The Mt. Airy Civic Club mets the third Wednesday of each month in the Little Flower School Building. September steak fry on deck of St. Therese Little Flower Parish, December Holiday party location to be announced. Meetings start at 7:00 pm.

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A history of the Mt. Airy Civic Club

Civic Club Annual Steak Fry (chicken too) September of each year on the deck area of St. Therese Little Flower Parish (by the ball fields). Check back August for date and time.